MIKI HUBER (aka Lilamayi)Miki Huber

The snow fell in big clusters which took shapes of flowers and leaves and white butterflies.  One of them turned into a snow swan and asked her where she was going.  The real swan said she was trying to make her way home to her river and couldn't see far enough to find it, but before the snow swan could answer her it melted away.  So she tried to make one with the snow on the ground, and having no arms and hands and only a beak, this was a difficult task. So she made a turtle instead, and the snow turtle poked his head out and turned slowly to look at her while the flakes of snow fell on his head and on his back.  She bent down her long neck and asked him if he could tell her where the river was so she could go home.  He replied that he had never seen a river before and that he was quite content to munch on snow leaves.

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