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We are all pieces of heaven - EP
© 2012 Lilamayi (Miki Huber)
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1. the road
2. heaven
3. coal mine
4. snow
5. what it's for
6. valentine boat song We Are All Pieces of Heaven - EP - Lilamayi
Miki Huber
© 2005 Miki Huber
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1. New Haven
2. Shallow Water
3. Heaven
4. Cat in the Hat
5. Blow Them Away
6. Ghost
7. What It's For ADD TO CART
Miki Huber
© 2005 Miki Huber
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1. New Haven
2. Shallow Water
3. Heaven
4. Cat in the Hat
5. Blow Them Away
6. Ghost
7. What It's For
© 2003 Miki Huber
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1. Cat in the Moon
2. The Hollywood Song
3. Trees
4. Through the Window
5. Windswim
6. Another Dance
7. I will Haunt your Room

Review by JezebelMusic.com:

"A simultaneously mysterious and down-to-earth songwriter, Miki mixes a certain folk delicacy with punk undertones...Miki's music shines very brightly."

Performance review by Liberated Matter.com:

"Unusually subtle songwriting and swelteringly melancholic performances"

Review of "Flutter" by Emmy A. Wards (aka Emmy the Great), Drowned in Sound.com:

I am continuously unimpressed by UK Anti-folk. However, when a CD arrives with the endorsements of its flashy American parent, Anti-folk New York, my ears are wont to prick up, and I develop the kind of nervous excitement that comes with unwrapping a car-shaped present at Christmas.

The genre has in its existence provided platforms for some invaluable outside musicians, ranging from fashionistas Beck and Regina Spektor, to fuzzy animals and circus-masters like the Moldy Peaches and Curtis Eller, and into this finest of traditions steps twenty-something songstress Miki Huber, whose second release 'Flutter' brings her across the sea to our stages.

Having heard so little, I would hesitate to over-praise, but this handful offers a taste of a potentially great talent. The attraction of this EP is in its containment. With her clear flat vocals reminiscent of an unembellished Cat Power, Huber seems removed even to her own music. Her writing is unsentimental to a fault, with meanings veiled in between language so blank, it could be a series of Haikus, penned by David Lynch during the midget years. The songs are sometimes cold, occasionally repetitive, but in their best moments they are compelling, dream-like and commendably weird.

Stand out tracks are 'Cat in the Hat' and 'Blow Them Away', the first of which is now one of my favourite songs, and from these I know my interest in Huber will extend long past this article.

Like I said, I won't lay it on too thickly until I've watched her play. If you'd care to join me in introduction to the Mysterious Miss Huber, who aptly grew up on a goat and honey-bee farm in the Mojave Desert, you can check her upcoming dates on www.mikihuber.com. As for the EP, if you're a fan of Jonathan Richman, Adam Green, or Cat Power, it's probably worth tracking down a copy, if only for the brilliant, brilliant 'Cat in the Hat'.

Review of "Songs" by South of mainstream.com:

A pleasing mixture of the delicacy of Cat Power and the quirky appeal of Mirah, Songs by Miki Huber was an unexpected seven song delight, waiting patiently to be discovered in my queue.

While Miki emulates the often sad and simple delivery I've come to love when delivered by Chan Marshall, she's got a bit more faith in her vocal delivery. The strength of her pipes adds to the simple beauty of the short but memorable "Cat In The Moon", a simple but lush two minute track.

The sparse and sputtering style of the guitar and the vocal delivery on "The Hollywood Song" and "Another Dance" reminded me of Mirah's first album, one of my very favorite repeat listen discs.

The simple, almost sparse, musical arrangements enhance the sincere and stunning vocals. Mournful violin enhances the emotive quality.

This disc won't appeal to everyone because it's relatively simple and sparse, but lovers of Cat Power, Mirah and even Helium or Mary Timony's solo works should enjoy this reflective and compelling recording.

Review by Martin Newell, Cherry Red recording artist:

Your track ["I will Haunt your Room" on Martin Newell's tribute CD] was my first favourite when I heard it...It has a genuine winsomeness and pathos in it. You should send it to a record company and demand a big advance.

Review of "Songs" by Anna Maria Stjärnell, CollectedSounds.com:

Miki Huber makes intimate-sounding, clever songs and sings them in a hushed voice. I thought of early Suzanne Vega while hearing this. "The Hollywood Song" is a gem with a sad tale at the centre. "We're all soul benders in Hollywood," she sings poignantly. "Trees" is like Cat Power. Huber plays the guitar beautifully here. "Through The Window" uses Baird Duthie's violin to flesh out the stripped-down sound. The songs melancholy mood is brought out in a subtle way. "I Will Haunt Your Room" is a cover of a song by English songwriter Martin Newell. I'm not familiar with the original, but Huber's version shines. It's quirky and lovely. So this brief album ends, and I hope she makes another just like it, only longer.

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